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  • Consultation and check up FREE
  • Panoramic X-Ray (2D Scan) FREE
  • Volumetric Tomography (3D Scan) FREE
  • Transport Services in between hotel and clinic for every visit FREE
  • Airport Transport Service ( Pick up ) FREE
  • During your treatment an English speaking translator FREE
  • During your treatment period, we offer hotel booking with special prices for you /some of the packages have FREE ACCOMMODATION.
  • Also, we provide special free packages according to your dental treatment plan !!!

For your free dental treatment plan, which will be exclusively tailored for you by our experienced dentists, and fabulous holiday advice, please contact us now to learn of the Offers and Advantages we have for you!

We will e-mail the findings to you with our total cost for your treatment (we will also include our price list so that you may compare the final cost). You will only pay the original cost we sent to you. We will also inform you of the duration of your dental treatment, which usually takes 1 to 8 days.

The standards offered by us are equal, or if not better than, those available elsewhere in Europe, but are achievable at up to 80% less cost for treatment! So, in our Turkey Dental Holiday package we can offer highly professional dental treatment at affordable prices, while our patients can benefit from a fabulous Mediterranean holiday.