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Dental Tourism

Patients from abroad have been coming to Turkey for dental treatment since the year 2000. At Our Dental Clinic we offer legal guarantees and many other services for patients who travel to us for their dental treatment together with a Mediterranean holiday.

Procedures for our international patients: Dental tourism in Turkey
  • Free planning
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Prior treatment in our clinic
  • Free transfers
  • Guaranteed treatment by specialist physicians covering every dental discipline


Due to our investment in the latest dental technology, our dental clinic is equipped with such features as: the CEREC® crown technology, computer generated ‘Smile Design’, ‘Computer Guided Implant’ systems (dental implants that do not require dental surgery), Volumetric Tomography scanning equipment, and laser systems for gum treatment. Our clinic also utilises state-of-the-art sterilising technology for sanitising our dental tools. We undertake remedial and cosmetic dentistry covering all aspects of dental care, including dental veneers.

The standards offered by us are equal, or if not better than, those available elsewhere in Europe, but are achievable at up to 80% less cost for treatment! So, in our Turkey Dental Holiday package we can offer highly professional dental treatment at affordable prices, while our patients can benefit from a fabulous Mediterranean holiday.

Antalya is not only the main resort town of Southern Turkey, but is also one of the main tourist centres in Europe. The town and its surroundings offer facilities that will meet all the expectations of the dental tourist, and at economical prices too! It is possible, in the winter and spring months, to ski up in the Taurus Mountains in the morning, and in the afternoon of the same day, enjoy the sun and swim on one of Antalya’s world-class, ‘Blue Flag’, beaches!

Turkey Dental Tourism – Many dental patients from abroad very often will choose to have a dental holiday in Turkey, with most selecting Our Dental Clinic for their dental treatment. For the past 18 years our clinic has treated patients from Europe (for instance, Germany), the USA, and especially from the UK.

New Teeth Turkey – For your free dental treatment plan, which will be exclusively tailored for you by our experienced dentists, and fabulous holiday advice, please contact us now to learn of the Offers and Advantages we have for you!

We offer the highest dentistry standards for the best prices!

Many of our patients from abroad repeatedly choose Our Dental Clinic for a dental holiday in Turkey. To ensure that the patient receives the very best treatment, our dental clinic is offers the highest standards of hygiene, applies the latest dental techniques, together with the most up-to-date dental technology, to ensure that the patient receives the very best treatment.

We speak the same language as you! It is our aim to give you the most satisfying smile!

Your support team will be in contact with you as soon as they have received the contact form below. We look forward to responding to any questions you may wish to ask our expert representatives. Probably the Best Dental Clinic for Dental Tourism in Turkey!

Services we provide for our international patients who prefer  Turkey for a Dental Vacation

  • Free VIP Service ‘meet and greet’ at Antalya Airport
  • Free transfer from your hotel to our clinic for international patients arriving from abroad for dental tourism
  • Help with selecting a high quality hotel with special discounts
  • Free X-ray and Volumetric Tomography scans and ‘before and after’ treatment
  • Free internet access
  • We provide a friendly atmosphere with a great coffee experience
  • Patient co-ordinators will be with you during the course of your treatment and who will also assist you in your holiday and travel related plans
  • Free ‘check-up’ service after your treatment has been completed
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