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‘Our clinic’, founded in the year 2000 by one of Turkey’s most prominent dentists, Dr. Mehmet İşlek, is the oldest and best equipped in Antalya. Situated in the prestigious Lara district of Antalya, our clinic is close to the airport, the sea, and sites of tourist interest.

Procedures for our international patients;
  • Free planning
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Prior treatment in our clinic
  • Free transfers
  • Guaranteed treatment by specialist physicians covering every dental discipline


To date, ‘Our Dental Clinic’ has performed over 30,000 implant surgeries and has undertaken over 40,000 ‘Smile Designs’ for our patients, earning our dentists invaluable experience. We have achieved world quality standards while taking great care of the comfort, well-being and health of our patients. One of the reasons for our success is that we keep up-to-date with the latest innovations and utilise the very latest dental technology.

As a bonus, while undergoing your VIP dental treatment at our state-of-the-art clinic you can enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine during both the summer and winter months.

From the moment you first enter our clinic you will be subjected to the warmest Turkish hospitality. Using the latest equipment, a panoramic X-Ray and CT Tomography scan will be taken of your mouth area. Dr.Mehmet İşlek and his team will then thoroughly analyse your results, and in transparent and clear language, will discuss with you what kind of treatment you require.

A Word About Our Dental Specialists

Dr. Mehmet İşlek has had over 38 years of experience treating all forms of dental problems. He has been awarded 65 certificates over the years, and is to quote, “A dentist who is in love with his work and devotes his life to dental perfection.”

This, together with his invaluable experience earned by treating thousands of patients, guarantees accurate treatment planning, with the patient’s health and wellbeing in mind.

Mehmet İşlek heads a leading team of eight specialist dental physicians who cover all branches of dentistry; be it computer-guided dental implants, cosmetic dentists, root canal treatment, dental prosthetics, etc., and each physician is accompanied by their own assistants and technical staff.

Of these specialists, one is a professor of root canal treatment, and another is a professor of dental prosthetics, and our gum disease specialist is one of Antalya’s leading doctors on the subject.

Our highly trained and experienced cosmetic dental physicians are also on hand to help our patients realise a perfect smile!

Our Clinic

Our dental health centre includes 9 treatment rooms, an operating theatre including general anaesthesia facilities and experienced general-anaesthesiologist on hand (we provide this for those patients who suffer from dental phobias), CT Scan Tomography, panoramic X-Ray facilities, and an on-site dental laboratory.

Why select us?

  • A rarity amongst other dental clinics, our on-site laboratory is fully equipped and maintained by highly experienced full-time dental technicians, this allows for immediate consultation between our dental specialists and laboratory technicians, saving immense amounts of time.
  • Utilising our state-of-the-art CEREC® crown technology, we can give you the smile of your dreams in 1 to 4 days (depending on the number of teeth required), for which we offer a 6-year warranty on our premium dental blocks. And again, unlike other clinics, designs made with the CEREC® system are made exclusively by the dentist, and not by a technician.
  • We offer you peace of mind, as we do not work with a dental agency and add no secret commissions to your dental quotation.
  • ‘Needle Free Injections’ and general anaesthesia are available for patients who suffer from dental phobias.
  • Your specific dental problem will be treated by an experienced dental specialist in that field only, allowing for the best, healthy and flawless treatment.
  • Our Dental Clinic offers sixteen varieties of premium dental implants, allowing us to perform implant surgery for every bone structure, each of which carry a lifetime guarantee.
  • Volumetric Dental Tomography is used, with non-surgical guides, for dental implant patients who have healthy bone structure and density.
  • Utilising laser facilities amongst other cutting-edge surgical technology, we provide the highest quality and quickest dental services for our patients from abroad.
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